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Presenting the new version of The Surveyor

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Simple interface
Question types
Export page
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Extremely easy to use interface for survey creation, with both detail and list views

Complete question response types, including a ‘slider’ for continuous interval responses

One click exports all web survey page code, or just for the page you want

Support for development Macintosh and Windows systems, and deployment on Macintosh, Windows, and Redhat Linux systems

Learn about the advanced features in The Surveyor.What you will need to run The Surveyor and host questionnaires on your web server.Detailed version history of The Surveyor.Download a demo version of The Surveyor, its manual, and the Read Me file.

The new version of our professional online survey product, The Surveyor, gives you unparalleled survey creation abilities with its new continuous interval response type. The new functions and easy-to-use user interface make this version of The Surveyor our most powerful survey creation tool to date. It’s clear that The Surveyor is several leaps ahead of any other web survey tools out there.


With The Surveyor, you can create as many professional web questionnaires, with as many survey questions on as many online survey pages by as many respondents as you like. All your question formats can be mixed on the same page. If you want to move a question to another web page, just tell The Surveyor which, and it will be moved there immediately. You can also change all web questions from one web page to another at once! The Surveyor also provides for up to five languages at once for your survey questions, so that you can target many sample sets in their own language at the same time.

To see how The Walter Reed Army Institute of Research used The Surveyor, or for an example where you can enter data into the survey created by our downloadable demo, please click the Demos tab, above.

Easy to Expand

The Surveyor on-line survey programme is designed for easy and fast creation of web surveys and for export of the collected data to your analysis software, like SPSS. It also helps you ensure high data quality, to minimise respondent errors before data analysis. With The Surveyor, you can create as many professional net surveys, with as many survey questions on as many on-line survey pages, as you like. The Surveyor also provides for up to five languages for your survey questions, so that you can target many sample sets, in their own language, at the same time.

Multi-Platform Survey Creation and Data Collection

The Surveyor itself can be used on either the Macintosh or Windows platforms. You can even transfer your survey data from one platform to another, so that someone on the other platform can work on your survey. Data collection using the web is supported for Macintosh web servers and Windows web servers (WebSTAR or IIS web server software), as well as Linux web servers. The Surveyor has you covered.

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