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Using the Best Technology

With geographically dispersed sample populations and the ever increasing demands on our time, technology provides an excellent way to improve data quality, and accelerate data collection and reporting. Given the ubiquity of the Internet today, finding respondents in your target population is much easier than it would have been even five years ago. Even if respondents do not have their own computer, there are Internet access locations available to the public in most of the Western world. This helps you and your survey, because it saves great amounts of time both finding respondents and removing the need for a paid interviewer to spend time gathering the data. While there is a risk that anonymity permits respondents to falsify data, studies are showing that this is not the case. Indeed, the anonymity afforded by not having to respond in person seems to increase data accuracy.

When we started creating The Surveyor, we wanted a tool that would provide excellence from small stand-alone personal computers right up to enterprise computing. We have acheived that. You can have us use our expertise with The Sureveyor, or you can use it yourself, with your own server or by sending us the survey you've created with it. The Surveyor permits survey design and documenting on both Macintosh (OS X) and Windows XP and up. The Surveyor documents your survey in Microsoft® Word® format on both platforms. Likewise, the resulting survey has been designed to be hosted on Macintosh (OS X), Windows XP, and Red Hat Linux servers. The collection database can be anything from FileMaker to Oracle (and other enterprise-level SQL databases). This provides a great level of flexibility with very little compromise, since the architecture was designed for these environments from the ground up. Only the FileMaker-only implementation has fewer functions that all the others, and that's only by three features.

All surveys have the highest-level of Internet survey software security available. SSL at 128-bit can be used for any of your surveys created with The Surveyor, including surveys we host.

You can track and monitor the progress of your survey using the adminstration area of your survey. This area is password protected, and gives your authorised users full access to the live data to check the data integrity, correct any errors, and view live frequency graphs of the data. The frequency graphs can be made available to the athorised users only; to the respondents only; or to both groups.

Surveys generated with The Surveyor comply with Section 508 (2001) of the Rehabilitation Act Amendments of 1998, thereby ensuring that people with disabilities can see your questionnaires as closely as possible to the way others see them. We have provided a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) for The Surveyor for you to assess how The Surveyor works with accessibility technology

Because we designed and coded The Surveyor ourselves, we can respond rapidly to your requests for new features. Most of our comptetitors use third-party software, so you run the risk of being stuck with the functions of that software, without an easy way to get what you want. We've also designed The Surveyor to be able to provide your survey with a look and feel that very closely mimics that of your own web site. This look and feel can be changed very easily and quickly, if necessary.

Our approach to the best technology for the job ensures that your data are of the highest quality and are well protected.

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