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Experience and Expertise

Videlicet has over twenty years of software engineering, including in the commercial, academic, and miltary systems engineering fields. This unique combination of experience makes us one of the most specialised producers of software and services for web-based surveying. The process of developing the survey instrument, transferring it to a working web equivalent, gathering valid data, and exporting the data to your analysis software should be an easy one. It's one in which we know the best technology for the job, and have years of experience, particularly in data security.

Market research and other forms of question-based research have always suffered from the 'sample of convenience problem.' All too often, one sees research papers based upon studies of university students, simply because there have hitherto been few ways to expand the sample of convenience geographically and in time. The latter is important because some target populations are more easily available during work hour, others during home time, and many are in other time zones. This makes it difficult and often expensive to use staff to gather the responses to one's questionnaire. The world-wide web (web) as a means of data gathering eliminates most of these problems. It can also be a means to higher data quality, if the web tools are carefully constructed. That web tool expertise is rarely in the arsenal of the average researcher. Videlicet exists to provide the 'glue' between the survey instrument itself and the resultant database used by the researcher for data analyis.

"Ease of use promotes use." So said the president of a large computer company. This is also true of a web survey. The presentation of the web page must be sufficiently attractive, yet not distracting, and it must provide the respondent with the instant information that web surfers have come to expect at their fingertips. From the point of view of research, it is also important to address issues of psychometrics in the presentation of the questions, so as not to bias responses. Most often these are not skills held be the average person who is gathering data. Therefore, careful selection of tools and services in this area is of paramount importance to the gathering of high quality data. Videlicet has all of these skills and has the experience to write the tools needed, rather than rely on third-party software.

It's one thing to ask a few questions in a web form. It's an entirely different proposition to put a multiple page questionnaire on the web with all of the requisite skip patterns, data validation, and data review capabilities. Coding the data for analysis tools like SPSS® is also a considerable task that can be minimised with software designed to both collect and export the data to SPSS®.

Irrespective of whether your survey is for market research purposes, a highly specialised academic or medical questionnaire, or a human resources database, we have the experience and expertise to get you the answers to your questions in record time.

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