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Accessibility Statement


There are two parts to the product we call The Surveyor:

  1. the development environment used to create web-based questionnaires, and

  2. the resulting web-based questionnaires that are answered by respondents on the web.

We have provided a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) to help users assess the features of The Surveyor for those with disabilities who use accessibility technology. The VPAT covers both the development environment of The Surveyor and the web-based questionnaires created by The Surveyor for respondents to see served to their accessible web browser/reader. We have also provided links to the FileMaker web site, should you want further information about the FileMaker product itself.

  1. We use a FileMaker database with a run time engine to provide the functionality that we call The Surveyor, and, in that effort, we have made as much use of the Section 508 and the World Wide Web Consortium Web Content Accessibility Guideline (W3C WCAG) capabilities of FileMaker as possible. Our VPAT for The Surveyor is intended to provide information about the developer environment, as well as the web-based questionnaires created using The Surveyor.

    The Surveyor development environment is based upon the FileMaker run time engine. FileMaker, Inc. provides an overview of the FileMaker Section 508 capabilities. Note that this statement does not cover the FileMaker database application, itself. Rather, its wording carefully directs the reader to use the Instant Web Publishing (IWP) feature of FileMaker. IWP is not the way in which The Surveyor, as a run time developer application is intended to be used. The Surveyor development environment is intended to be used as a stand-alone application on the developer’s computer, i.e. without IWP. Consequently, we have not tested and do not recommend using The Surveyor run time application file under FileMaker's IWP, nor will we support The Surveyor in this configuration.

  2. The Surveyor exports the html, JavaScript, and Lasso code to the files required to serve questionnaire web pages with information for use by assistive technology 'on the fly.' These files have been designed to serve web pages that are fully Section 508 compliant, where possible. These pages meet W3C WCAG Priority 1, all but page redirection (for security of data collected) for Priority 2, and Priority 3. To review our approach and adherence of web pages created by The Surveyor to W3C WCAG, please see our VPAT for The Surveyor. All web pages created by The Surveyor have been tested for Section 508 compliance with two automated accessibility programmes: 1) the WebXACT tester at Watchfire, and 2) the Cynthia Says tester. Both Section 508 and W3C WCAG - AAA Compliance were tested with both of the accessibility test sites. The results of these tests are have informed our both our product and our VPAT for the web-based questionnaires created by The Surveyor.

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