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Simple interface
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Extremely easy to use interface for survey creation, with both detail and list views

Complete question response types, including a ‘slider’ for continuous interval responses

One click exports all web survey page code, or just for the page you want


Designing Your Survey and Contacting Respondents

There are two main aspects to designing your survey: developing a survey instrument that will provide the answers to your questions, and determining who fits into your possible sample population and how you will reach them. There is some overlap between these tasks and, depending on your research goals, you may find this part of the process somewhat iterative. You should take care to ensure that you have planned sufficiently for each aspect.

If you're a business looking for a consumer feedback survey, the target consumer population is easy to identify and reach. If, however, you're an academic researcher looking at patterns of social behaviour, you'll be looking for a random sample consumers, but a pure random survey sample of consumers is usually very hard to find. This is because it takes a lot of time and money randomnly select individuals from the community at large, and some of the people you identify may simply decide that they don't want to participate.

A 'sample of convenience' is one where you konw that you can reach that part of the population. It usually means finding people who are both accessible and are prepared to answer your questions. For example, people entering a ball game, or people who have Internet access. Most surveys use samples of convenience, since it is almost impossible to obtain a truly random sample. Often, anonymity helps this process, and that's definitely one thing that web browser-based surveys can provide. Knowing that there will be some bias in the sample population and then minimising that bias are important parts of developing survesys for research.

Once your target population has been determined, there are many ways to encourage participation in your research. Generally, researchers will send out e-mails, send our snail mail, stop people on the street, etc.. The exact method you choose will likely be determined by both your questions and your target population.

At Videlicet, we know that you know your business and research needs better than anyone, so developing the survey instrument and determining the target population are what you're best qualified to do. While our expertise is in providing the link between the survey instrument and high-end analysis tools, we can also help significantly accelerate designing your survey instrument with our tool, The Surveyor. The Surveyor can help structure your thoughts as you develop questionnaires, so you can even create complex questionnaires with ease. On the other hand, if you have already written your questionnaire with a word processor, you can import those questions into The Surveyor to automatically generate your web pages and data validation code.

The tough part of surveys for most researchers is getting over the technology hump of getting the survey instrument onto the web. Click the Data Collection button above to see what's needed to go from a set of questions to usable data for analysis.

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