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Answering Your Questions

You've done well: you know which survey quantitative scales and which qualitative survey questions you want answered, which type of response format you want to use for each question during demographic survey data collection (true interval scale, Likert scale, multiple choice, text entry, etc.), and you know where your target population is and how you're going to reach them. Now, how do you get the responses into a database with minimum effort, maximum security and accuracy, and ready for export to your analysis software? That's where Videlicet's expertise comes in.

Videlicet's years of software and research expertise has enabled us to take your questions and put them on the web in record time, and in a format that matches your existing web site. The Surveyor prepares your quantitative and qualitative questions as web pages that can be served from and to your desktop computer, or the pages can be deployed on enterprise-level secure servers. It's up to you how you publish your questionnaire. We use The Surveyor in-house for our web survey hosting service, so that we don't have to rely on third-party software for the task. You can find full details about The Surveyor in our Products section.

When you have collected your questionnaire demographic data, they need to be exported to your analysis software. The Surveyor provids an easy means to do this, and it creates the value and variable labels for SPSS®. The data export is at the single click of a mouse, and the labels are created by scripts that The Surveyor generates for use in SPSS®. What could be simpler? The details are in the Products section.

For clients who host surveys on our servers, we can provide less than 48 hour turnaround for surveys of 75 questions or less that arrive in digital format (e.g. Miscrosoft Word or other text format file). (For reference, 75 questions amounts to approximately seven web survey pages, with all data validation implemented.) Often, as we implement the questions for the web, a few minor problems are detected. We always bring such potential problems to the notice of our customers, so that the highest data quality is achieved. This can lengthen the time to get your survey published, however. Generally, on the day you stop collecting data, we can provide a complete frequency analysis of your collected data fields in either Acrobat® .pdf file format, or in SPSS® .spo file format. Our fees are based on the work we do: i.e. preparing the survey for the web and hosting the survey. There are no extra per-respondent fees and there is no limit to the number of respondents you can have to each survey we host for you. We always aim to exceed your expectations, both in technology and in service.

Videlicet provides its state-of-the-art experience in the technological space between the research areas where you have the greatest expertise. We provide the 'glue' that takes your research from start to finish.

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