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Exporting data for analysis

Point and Click to Export to Your Data Analysis Software.


Analysing Questionnaire Data

Professional researchers use professional tools to analyse their data. SPSS® is the de facto standard for this. The problem with SPSS data analysis software and other data analysis tools is that, even though you have your response data in the analysis database, the labels and variable names are not there. They have to be separately created and imported, or entered by hand. The Surveyor eliminates all this work (which is prone to transcription error) and exports all the scripts necessary to exactly reflect the questions you asked on the web. This way, your survey instrument documentation in Word® format exactly matches the graph titles, table titles, and the value labels in your analysis software. This is a huge time saver and increases confidence in your reports.

Videlicet does not pretend that it's capable of rewriting the high-end analysis software that is readily available off the shelf. There's no reason for us to do so. We concentrate on what we know best: providing the technological link between your survey design and professional analysis software, by helping you:


design and document your survey;


collect your data; and


convert your data into a form that is immediately available for export to SPSS and other standard, high-end analysis software.

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