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Survey Research from Questionnaire Creation to Data Analysis

Gathering the data you need for your research can be a time-consuming and complex process, particularly when your specialty is not computer programming. Consider these scenarios:


You're a psychiatrist with a 75-page, 1,000-question patient intake questionnaire. Measuring patient satisfaction is important to you. You have particular questionnaire format requirements, and you'd also like the collected responses in a database, so that you can: quickly refer to notes, produce reports for your files and your expert testimony, and analyse the entire database for your published research;


You work in a government department that requires compliance with paragraph 1194.22 Web-based intranet and internet information and applications Section 508 (2001) of the Rehabilitation Act Amendments of 1998 for all web sites you create, so, amongst other things, you can quickly measure employee satisfaction. Using a survey research tool that makes your pages automatically comply with the act and your web survey format requirements, thereby ensuring that people with disabilities can use your web questionnaire as others do, will save you considerable time and money. We have provided a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) for The Surveyor for you to assess how The Surveyor works with accessibility technology;


You're a graduate student and you want to reach over 1,000 respondents located all over the continent. A web-based survey would be great, but you need a point and click way to publish your feedback survey and collect data using your research survey format;


You have a business that needs a client feedback questionnaire about many products, so you can measure customer satisfaction. A customer may have bought the same product/service many times and you want each customer to be able to describe each of the multiple experiences of each product, but you really a single feedback questionnaire for each customer with unlimited child records for each product and experiences with it on each occasion. You're also thinking of measuring employee morale with a web-based poll. You don't have programming experience needed for this, so you want a point and click online survey solution;


You need academic survey software for a feedback questionnaire that has complex skip patterns and data validation requirements, so that you can instantly measure questionnaire responses with live charts and textual summaries of the results. You don't have the HTML, JavaScript, CGI, and database programming experience to do this.

One of the last things you want to have to learn is all the technological nuts and bolts required to collect the data with your online feedback questionnaire. That's where Videlicet comes in. We understand the 'glue' that comes between the idea and the results. This makes it easy to create complex online polls and questionnaires.

The process of creating questionnaires has three main parts:


Survey design and respondent selection are two almost separate parts of the process. They are not quite separable because, often, the survey design affects the respondent population you choose and access to only a particular subset of the population may be available, which in turn may well influence your questions.


The transition from the survey design to gathering your data must be as easy as possible for both the researcher and the respondents. This is easily achieved with tools like The Surveyor and hosting services from Videlicet.


Analysis of your data is the final component of the process. It's one thing to gather the data, you need them in tools like SPSS® to be able to perform the sophisticated analysis yourequire. The problem with this is that the preparation of the analysis database itself can be very time consuming for the researcher. The Surveyor and our experience in this field all but eliminate the work in this area.

Just click on the appropriate button above to learn more about the topic and how Videlicet can save you time and money, while increasing the quality of your data.

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