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Videlicet. (vi-del'-i-set) adv. to wit [O.E. witan, to know], [Latin, videre licet, it is possible to see].

Videlicet - Answering Your Questionnaires, with Online Survey Software & Hosting

You’re the expert at studying people’s attitudes, experiences, and opinions. Videlicet gets the answers to your questions, with its unique online survey application, The Surveyor, and web questionnaire hosting services that meet the highest standards of professional survey researchers. The Surveyor makes it easy for you transform your questions into to an effective web format, and quickly gets your data into your analysis tool, such as SPSS®. Videlicet knows that different types of web research require different solutions, so we also offer survey software as a service, to save you the costs of maintaining your own web server.

If you’re an academic researcher who needs to gather data in the social sciences or in other fields, our web survey solutions enable you to obtain the highly reliable results you need. Our web survey hosting is particularly attractive. If you conduct market research questionnaires, we help you meet your exacting needs and differentiate your company from your competitors. For survey researchers and market researchers in government and education, as well as companies performing customer satisfaction research, we make it easy to cost effectively create attitude surveys to measure and track opinions, coördinate multiple surveys of different audiences, and share findings with your school boards or trustees, government agencies, alumni, and other interested parties.

Videlicet provides the data quality, security, and usability you need with open, standards-based technologies. You can rely on our products to work smoothly with other software tools, and in a wide variety of computing environments. Videlicet also has survey and technology personnel available to customize our internet questionnaire solutions to your particular requirements.

The Surveyor is the only web survey software that can provide you true continuous interval responses (with a special graphical, point-and-click format that works well on all browsers!). You can even have responses e-mailed back to you and/or the respondent immediately. Results can be immediately shown to your respondents (great for instant polls). You can download a demo of The Surveyor web survey software and try it for 30 days for free! See for yourself how the surveys can look on the web by using a functioning sample survey.

Videlicet has partnered with University Decision Support to provide student services surveys to university housing offices.

You can reach us at and 416.962.1040.

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“Superb execution of our project. Both the response rate and ultimate sample size well exceeded our expectations. I’m very happy with the results.”  , Senior Scientist, Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences

“I’m really pleased with The Surveyor. I just implemented my 75-page, 1,200-question patient intake questionnaire. It’s quick and very easy to use. The support is great. Highly recommended.”  , Ph.D., Forensic Research Unit Director / University of Ottawa / Institute of Mental Health Research

“Remarkably simple and user friendly web survey software. A fine job of programming. Bravo! I am eager to continue the collaboration to future projects.”  , Ph.D., President, Cybernetica Consulting, Inc..

For a sample list of our customer, which includes the Survey Research Centre at the University of Waterloo, Sandia National Laboratories, the National Naval Medical Center, The Henry Jackson Foundation, the National Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR), and many others, please click the Customers button, above.

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